Learn from basic

We help you to understand the structure and the hidden secrets of market from Basics of Stock Market and how you can earn money from the market

Process Building

We help you to build your own process of trading and investing based on back testing and front testing that suits your trading style.

Psychology Building

Our Course helps you to gain skills and right psychology required in market.

Stock Homes - Stock Market Classes in Indore

Stock Homes Institute is the Best Stock Market Institute in Indore that helps you to discover your Trading and Investing Skills with Our Online Stock Market Courses and Offline Stock Market Classes. Apart from learning skills and building strategies, psychology will play the key role in the success of your trading career. Now after analyzing the market closely, we are keen to share our knowledge pool with the ones who want to learn the art of investing.

Investing Or Trading without education and right approach is mere speculation and the one who lacks it fear the most. We provide personal attention to all our students and always try to get the best out of them.

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Every Sunday Stock Screening

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Dilpreet Singh Bhatia

Founder- Stock Homes- Institute

My Stock Market Journey started when I was 18 years old in 2012, After my 12th exam I have seen a stock market institute ad in the newspaper and then it all changed. A cricket lover boy suddenly becomes a stock market trader in 4 months then it all changed and it was like a passion and for that I left everything behind. My cricket, college everything and I started job to master my stock market skills. I bought my first bike at age 20 and car at the age of 23 without loan & my father’s help because I master my Trading System and systematically invest into stock market.

In 2019, Me and Ms Abhya Yadav ( Co- Founder Stock Homes- Institute) started Stock Homes- Institute with the vison to empower young students towards Financial Freedom and help them to understand there is no better way to grow your money than stock market with systematic process and emotion less Trading & Investing. We have that process which helps anyone to understand stock market in simplest way, trade with systematic process and helps you to become Full Time Trader & Investor.

We understand what it takes to start journey in stock market and we are ready to help students to make their own way towards Financial Freedom.

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Advance Trading Program

Advance Trading Program helps you to develop Professional Trading Skills in each segment of market especially in Options Trading. Advance Trading Program is the best Technical Analysis Course in Indore that can be done by any new person who has zero knowledge or any existing trader who wants to learn professional trading skills in equity, options, future, commodity and currency. We provide the best stock market courses that help you to practically implement the strategies and learning’s. We help you to develop your own trading process based on Technical Analysis and Data Analysis through which you can earn consistent profits.

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Benefits of Enrolling In Our Courses

Strategies for Everyone

Either you are Trader, Investor or Newbie. We have everything for anyone that helps you to create your own Trading Style and Earn Consistent profits

Easy Approach

Our Simplified trading approach helps you to build your way towards Profitable Trader and Wealth Creator

Our Community

Life time access to our Informative Community that helps each other by sharing trading opportunities and market updates on regular basis that helps you to grab opportunity in market


Skills is not enough. We help you to control emotions, greed and fear to become successful trader

Sunday Stock Screening Session

Every Sunday we have Stock Screening Session for our Community to help them make their own trading plan for the week

No time bar For Practice

You can visit institute for practice even after your course completion, practice for as much time you want and trade under guidance of your mentor

No Language Or Age Barrier

We welcome People of All age group and we teach in Hindi and Simple English Language that can be Understand by anyone

Doubt Solving

You have a doubt, you will get the solution even after course completion with no extra cost







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