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    Fundamental Analysis Course is perfectly designed course which provides a depth knowledge of Value Investing. This course will help you to understand concepts and terminologies of capital market and their application for investing. Fundamental Analysis is the backbone of long term investing and helps you to study the Balance Sheet, P&L Account, Cash Flow Statement and Management Quality to gain insight knowledge of any company’s performance which helps you to forecast future performance

    Course Highlights

    Introduction to Capital Market, Structured of Securities Market, Participants of Securities Market

    Terminology in Equity Market, Debt Market and Types of Bonds available in Market

    Introduction to Investing, Fundamental Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative aspect of Fundamental analysis, Factors of Fundamental Analysis

    Economic Analysis- Micro Analysis, Macro Analysis and source of Information for Economic Analysis

    Industry Analysis – Porter’s Five Force Model, PESTLE Analysis, BCG Analysis, SCP Analysis and Key Industry Drivers and Source of Information for Industry Analysis

    Company Analysis

    Qualitative Analysis– Understanding Business Models, Competitive Advantages, SWOT Analysis, Quality of Management, Critical Business Drivers, Risk in Business and Source of Information for Analysis

    Quantitative Analysis
    History of Business VS Future of Business, Understanding of Balance Sheet, P&L statement, Cash Flow Statement, Ratio analysis, Annual Report of company with case Study and Peers Comparison

    Valuation Principles, Difference Between Price and Value, Why Valuations are Required, Objectivity of Valuations, Earning Based Valuation Matrices and Assets Based Valuation Matrices

    Get your course certificate after assignment

    Benefits of course

    • After completion of course you will completely understand about Fundamental Analysis and Investing Based on Fundamental Analysis
    • You will be ready to give NISM Level XV Research Analyst Exam and after that you can become Fund Manager in Mutual Funds Scheme or get placed in Broking Firm or Investment Banks
    • Stock Homes + NISM certification will give Boost to your resume and your career
    • You will have result-oriented approach to invest in stock market
    • You will get access to our students’ community group for life time where you will be part of stock market discussion and Investment Ideas
    Course Duration
    30 days
    Online and Offline batches
    Internship Assistance
    Certificate of course
    Backup or doubt solving Classes
    On Request
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