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This course aims to enable a profound understanding of Indian Derivatives Market and segments available under the Derivative Market. Understanding of Derivatives Market are generally complex and deep study is required before entering into derivatives market. In this course, you will also get to know Regulations and Risk associated with each product of Derivatives Market and how you can manage that risk with our Risk and Money Management Strategies. After completion of this course you will also be able to give NISM level- VIII exam which will give an incredible boost to your resume and helps you in your career.

Course Highlights

Basics of Derivatives, Derivatives Market– History and Evolution, Indian Derivatives Market, Market Participants and Types of Derivatives Market

Understanding Index- Introduction to Index, Types of Stock Market Indices and Major Indices in India

Introduction to Forwards and Futures, Futures Pricing, Commodity and Equity Futures, Uses of Futures

Introduction to Options, Basics of Options, Method of Options Pricing, OPTIONS GREEKS,
Options Trading Strategies with live formulation

Bullish Strategies (Bull call spread, Synthetic Call, Call Butterfly and much more)

Bearish Strategies (Bear call Spread, Put Ratio Back Spread, Synthetic Put and much more)

Neutral Strategies (Straddles, Butterfly, Box and much more)

Trading System, Selection of Stocks, Adjustment for News Based Stocks, Position Limit

Introduction to clearing and Settlement System and Regulatory Requirements

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Benefits of course

  • After completion of course you will completely understand Indian Derivatives Market and Options Strategies
  • You will be ready to give NISM Level VIII Exam which is required to entre in Financial World
  • Stock Homes + NISM certification will give Boost to your resume and your career
  • You will have result-oriented approach to invest in stock market
  • You will get access to our students’ community group for life time where you will be part of stock market discussion and Investment Ideas
Course Duration
30 days
Online and Offline batches
Internship Assistance
Certificate of course
Backup or doubt solving Classes
On Request
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