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Technical Analysis is a study that gives you art to forecast any stock or commodity price. Technical Analysis gives you the knowledge to understand any stock behavior from which you can predict stock movement from various classical chart patterns, price actions, and Japanese candlestick patterns. It is a first step to understand and predict the price movement of any market.

Course Highlights

Introduction of Technical Analysis, History of Technical Analysis, Golden Rules of Technical Analysis and Importance of Technical Analysis

Dow Theory, what is trend and how to identify Trends, Formation of Trend lines on Live Software, Identification of Support and Resistance, Pivots Points and screeners

Understanding and Implementing all Japanese Candlestick Pattern (morning star pattern, evening star pattern, hammer pattern, piercing patter and engulfing pattern etc)

Understanding and Implementing of all price pattern like continuation pattern (cup and handle, flag etc) and reversal pattern (Double top, Head and Shoulder pattern etc)

Indicators and Oscillators ( RSI, EMA, MACD, ADX AND BOLLINGER BANDS ETC) and there divergence

Harmonic Chart Pattern like butterfly pattern, XABCD pattern and ABCD pattern

Advance Theory like Elliot Wave Theory, NEO wave Theory and Fibonacci Retracement and Extension

Analysis of Nifty and Stock Price Movements of last 2 years

Trading Psychology, Risk Management, Money Management, Emotional Analysis,
Intraday, Swing and Long-term Trading Strategies

Formulation of your Personal Trading Strategies based on your Goal and Risk Management

Formulation of target price, stop loss price and when to take entry in stock market and when to exit

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Benefits of course

  • After completion of course you will be ready to do forecasting of stock market by your own and also you will be independently investing your money in stock market and earn handsome returns from market
  • You can become Research Analyst, Fund Manager etc
  • You will have result oriented approach to invest in stock market
  • You will get access to our students’ community group for life time where you will be part of stock market discussion and Investment Ideas
Course Duration
30 Days
Online and offline batches
Internship Assistance
Certificate of course
Backup or doubt solving Classes
On request
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