Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. Any Beginner with Zero Knowledge about stock market can enroll for the course?

YES, any person from any background can learn stock market skills. we have teach doctors, Engineer and students from science background and they are earning regular income from stock market.


Q-2. After completing the course, can we earn income from stock market?

Definitely Yes, We help you to build process that helps you to take right decision in the market and earn regular money.


Q-3. How can I register for Demo Session? How much Demo Session can i take?

You can have our new batches starting date information through Social Media, Website or through no 8878888151. You can directly message us to register for Demo. You can attend 2 demo sessions.


Q-4. How can I enroll for the course?

You can call on 8878888151 and enroll for the course, or you can directly pay through our website and send screenshot for the same


Q-5. Is Trading and Investing both can be done at same time?

Yes, you can use some portion of your capital for trading and some portion for investing.


Q-6. Do you provide Offline and Online Classes?

Yes, we provide both offline and online classes. Offline Classes conducted at our Institute Premises and Online Classes conducted through Zoom App.


Q-7. What will be the timing of class?

We provide both live market class and evening class. Timing will be informed by our team or it will be updated on website.


Q-8. What will be the daily duration of Classes? How much session will there in Week?

Classes will be conducted 1 hour daily, Monday to Friday.


Q9- What if I need personal guidance after completion of course or I want to solve few doubts?

If you have any doubts during the duration or after the duration of Course, you can call us and we will solve your each and every doubt even after duration of course.


Q-10. After completing course will I become Professional Trader?

It will depend on your practice but surely you will have a way how to become a professional Trade.


Q-11. Can I attend class for few topics in which i have doubt again?

Yes you can and for that you don’t have to pay any additional fees.


Q-12. I am a trader and i only need strategies, will it be usefull for me?

Yes, our trading strategies are also for those who are already a trader but don’t feel confidence or doesn’t find their edge in the market.


Q-13. What is the accuracy of your strategies?

Our Strategies are 75-80% accurate.


Q-14. I am a new in market. How much money is required to start trading?

You can start with 5000-10000 and afterwards you can increase your capital upto amount as much you want.


Q-15 Do you have sessions on Trading Psychology and Emotional Trading?

Yes, We have separate part of Trading Psychology in our course that will help you to control emotions, greed and fear