Mentorship Program

We know most of the stock market traders repeatedly make the same mistake and end up taking huge losses. Now we are here with a Solution to your Biggest Problem. Our Mentorship Program is for Intermediate Trader who already has Knowledge of stock market but fails to convert that knowledge into Consistent Profits. In this Program, we will assign you with a certified research analyst mentor who is also a Profitable Trader. Mentor will help you to conquer your fears and helps you to develop right mindset.

Here is the Problems Faced by Traders While Trading.

  • Lack of confidence while taking a Trade
  • Missing good trading opportunity
  • Improper Entry and exit
  • No control over emotions
  • Not maintaining proper Risk Reward Ratio
  • Stock Selection Problems (Wrong Selections of Stocks)
  • Getting Trapped in Market
  • Lack of consistency
  • Letting greed get better off your senses
  • Should we trade on Tips?
  • Trading on untested Setups and Strategies
  • Not taking your profits home!

Perks of Mentorship Program

1. Solve your query any time between 10 am-6 pm

2. Psychology building

3. Trade planning and management

4. Real-time decision making

5. Daily stock screening sessions

6. Co-working access

7. Discipline training

8. Live market support

9. Strategy testing and set up execution

10. Evaluating good opportunities

11. Maintaining your trading journal

12. Weekly performance analysis