Benefits of NISM Exam:- Financial Market is considered as the backbone of any Economy. If you want to check whether any Economy is Developed, Developing Or Under Developed then you need to take a look at its Financial Market.

When you talk about any Economy, you need to Consider the Stock Market of that particular Economy to check whether the Economy is at its BOOST or in Recessions. Get an online nism course Indore .

Finance is a vast field as it contains Stock Market, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Currency Market i.e. Foreign Exchange and Pension Market and if you want to make your career in any of the above fields then you need to pass the required NISM module examination to perform the role in Financial Market.

NISM helps market participants to develop their Financial Skills to the right level and expertise in your particular field.

Benefits of NISM EXAM

Nationwide Acceptance

Value Addition to your Resume

Helps in getting Jobs and Setting up Business

Helps in meeting Regulatory Requirements

Requires Less Fess.

Online Exam.

NISM Investment Advisor Level 1 Exam – If one is aware of investments, investment products, and financial planning such as mutual funds, insurance, securities markets, measuring risks and returns, basics of insurance plans, retirement plans, and estate planning Hai, he can easily pass this exam. Case-based questions are not asked in this exam. For more information on the stock market course visit our website .

If you are not aware of the ideas mentioned above, read the basics of those concepts or take other NISM exams like Securities Market Foundations, Mutual Fund Distribution V – A and then enroll yourself for this exam. This will assist you to review all the concepts quickly and clear the exam
Questions are mostly asked from the workbook itself. Read the workbook at least twice before the exam and be clear with all the concepts in the workbook. Do numerical exercises. The Investment Advisor Level 1 exam is similar to other NISM exams and is not difficult to study.

The following table gives the weightage for various subjects in the NISM Investment Advisor Level 1 exam

NISM Investment Advisor Level 2 Exam – This exam consists of case-based questions. The exam consists of 36 multiple choice questions and 8 eight case-based questions, with four multiple-choice questions per the study, each with two marks.

This exam is a bit harder than other NISM exams. Make a strict study plan consistent with your schedule and follow it. Read the workbook and understand all the concepts. Case-based questions are practical questions (real-life case study questions). Each of the concepts given in the workbook should have a whole.

The following table gives the weightage for various subjects in the NISM Investment Advisor Level 2 exam