Share market is a market in which we work to sell and buy shares, hence it is called share market. The stock market is not a common market where we can buy anything, it is a market where we invest money to earn profits, in other words, we can also call it an investment market.

People know it by many names like share Bazar, stock market, share market, equity market, wealth market, but the work of this market is the same and that is how to make money in this market people earn millions and crores of rupees in minutes and They also get destroyed because there is a lot of danger in this market. But if you have a good knowledge of stock market, then you can easily earn millions of crores of rupees.

Basic information of share market:

Whatever work is done in this market is done with money, and whatever profit or loss is due to money, then before working in this market, you need to have basic information, if not complete, of the stock market. you can visit stock homes. we provide live practical knowledge with money risk management skills with our courses. also, you can learn the nism certified course.

But if you do not have the basic knowledge of this market then our It is advisable that you stay away from this market because a mistake here may cost you dearly.

How the share market works

You know what the stock market is, now let’s know how it works.

The stock market works in two ways:

By buying shares.
By selling shares.

If you want to buy shares, it is very important to have a Demat account and a trading account, if you do not have a trading account, then you will not be able to buy shares from the stock market and if you do not have a Demat account then you will not be able to keep the shares.

Because in olden times, the transaction of shares was done on paper and at that time when we bought the shares, we had to go to the Auctions and buy the shares by bidding. The shares we used to get in exchange for money were also in the papers, which had to be handled very well.

What is a trading account, how to open an account?

how to invest in the share market?

But now in the present time, we do not need to go anywhere and we can easily buy shares from the stock market with the help of a trading account while sitting at home. In today’s time, the shares have also been de-materialized, so we do not have to go anywhere to take them. As soon as we buy shares from the trading account, within a few minutes the stock gets inside our Demat account.

Even if we have to sell shares, we do not need to be told that, just by opening a Demat account and placing an order in the Stock Exchange from the trading account, we can sell the shares very easily and all this will be very easy in no time Is done with As soon as our Sell Execute is done in Stock Exchange, shares are immediately deducted from our Demat account and all the money including profits gets into our Demat account and then we can transfer that money to our bank account and withdraw from ATM Tax can be used.

In today’s time it has become very easy to do all this because, with the help of technology, we can very easily link all your accounts to each other and earn money easily without doing extra hard work.

How to make money from the stock market?

If you have known or know about the stock market, then you will know what you want to make money from the stock market, if you do not know, then let us know what is needed to earn money from the stock market…

These things are needed to earn money from the Share Market.

The bank account which has the facility of Internet Banking.

A Demat account that links to your bank account and trading account.

A trading account linked to your bank account and Demat account.

Share information like Price, Target, Stop Loss, etc.

If you have all this, then you will be able to buy shares very easily.

How to buy shares, how to invest in the market?

Let’s understand with the help of an example if we have all these things then how will we be able to earn money from the stock market. But you have no need to worry because today we will give you basic information about the stock market, which will help you understand the stock market, so know the tricks. if you want to learn online basic of stock market visit our website.